Solid structual timber MH® Massivholz Austria, with its exact defined product characteristics has been especially designed for the use in modern building sectors. It is the 100% alternative option to bonded and chemically treated timber. MH® MassivHolz is dimensionally stable, tends less towards cracking and in consideration of all the rules relating to the structural protection of wood against biological attack, it can also be used without the need of wood preservatives

The natural resource wood means high added-value. In the course of processing we pay special attention at local added value and transport routes.


According to the quality guidelines the members have accepted to adhere the  quality definition for the products MH® Natur MH® Fix and MH® Plus.  
MH® MassivHolz Austria: mechanical strength graded technically dried and defined dimensional stability for use in non-visible or visible areas. The most common types of wood used are spruce, fir, larch and pine.

Separated at the core, kiln-dried,
Planed and edged, non finger-jointed and not glued


Separated at the core, kiln-dried,
 Equalised and edged, non finger-jointed and not glued


Rough sawn, for non-visible constructive areas



  • Kiln-dried and dry sorted
  • Wood moisture ≤15±3% (NATUR 20%)
  • CE label according to EN 14081-1
  • Sorting class at least S10 according to ÖNORM DIN 4074-1
  • Strength class at least C24 according to ÖNORM EN 338
  • Service class 1,2 and 3 according to ÖNORM EN 1995-1
  • Individual length and dimensions 


For modern and efficient timber construction

Strength graded construction timber for load-bearing purposes and rectangular Profile must comply with the requirements given by ÖNORM EN 14081-1.
Since 01.08.2012 construction timber for load-bearing purposes has to be labeled with CE marking. The CE marking must contain the strength class according to EN 338. Further processing companies must ensure that all construction timber products are CE certified.
In contrast to finger-jointed products, solid structural timber MH® MassivHolz can be used in all three service classes.


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